the new Website/Blog is live!

It's here and I'm so excited about it!
It's actually a blogsite (a fusion between a blog and website) so, this blog will now be silent...

go check us out www.amyjophoto.com


one week and counting...

It is FINALLY almost here! 

Our new website is almost finished and will be launched next week, so stay tuned! 

We will have an incredible give away that you will NOT want to miss!


new blog look...is LIVE!!!

The new blog look is live! 

It's like a breath of fresh air to me! Hope you love it!

New website coming soon...AND an awesome give away is in the works!

Sneak Peek ... Whitney

What a beautiful 8 year old, inside and out!


"Mom, now it's time for a funny one"

This is what I heard from my 4 year old on a recent shoot with my kiddos. What a sweet silly girl I have!

And don't you love her curls? I know I do!


Guess what's coming?

A new blog and website!!


When you ask? Soon, very soon!
(it can't come soon enough actually, I am sick of my old ones!)

Stay tuned for the unveiling and special giveaway...